Security & Back-Up

StoreIT Backup

Store-I.T. Backup & Disaster Recovery This fully-managed backup and recovery solution was designed to be completely seamless for the user. After the initial setup, all selected files and folders are automatically saved to an on-site backup device which then syncs all of the data to a Canadian-cloud. This ensures that data is successfully being archived to … Continue reading StoreIT Backup

SecureIT Firewall

Secure-I.T.™ – Perimeter This fully-managed security solution is designed to be enterprise-grade, ready to protect your environment from security threats in real-time, in addition to malware, virus, ransomware, and spyware. As illustrated on the right, this security solution is two-fold, leveraging a powerful Next Generation firewall, along with security engineers actively protecting your network environment … Continue reading SecureIT Firewall


Are you protected? YOUR PRACTICE DATA COULD BE AT RISK! 88% OF ALL RANSOMWARE ARE DETECTED IN THE HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY   Got internet? You’re at risk! A ransomware attack can come from web browsing, emails, file downloads, streaming, or any other normal computer activity. The pathology of a ransomware infection is similar to any … Continue reading Prevention