SafeCom Image


Seamlessly integrate your digital solutions to Canada’s #1 imaging software. Safecom Imaging supports all major intraoral sensors, digital pans/3D, phosphor plate scanners, intraoral cameras, microscopes etc.. Take advantange or our unique AI features and improve work flow and practice effentiency. Revolutionize your practice today with Safecom Imaging, contact us for details.

  • Perfect Upgrade for Existing CaptureLink clients
  • SafeCom is a housebrand of Henry Schein Canada and is supported fully by Henry Schein
  • Easy to use
  • Bridges to all major Patient Management software’s

Some of unique features of SafeCom Imaging and document management are:

  • Serverless. No need for SQL, Access or any database engine overhead. Any PC can be designated as the “data holder.”
  • Standard data files. You basically “OWN” the data and can move it to any other software or operating system as you desire. No need for conversion. This also enables you to view data from any smart devices, operating system (Mac, Linux, Windows, Android etc.) or third party software.
  • Direct access to any image file without server software being the middleman. Improves speed and access time.
  • Timeless backup. You can setup the backup without closing any station as often as it makes you comfortable/safe. From once a day that most software offer to every minute or down to the second.
  • For specific devices like ScanX for example, SafeCom Imaging offers unique unmatched features:
    • Instant scanning and viewing in the operatory
    • Multiple patient scan
    • Multiple provider scan
    • Instant reprocess modification and recovery

Safecom Imaging can easily improve the workflow, shorten any downtimes and also gives customers piece of mind in terms of integrating new technologies.

  • 3D viewing from external dental or medical sources
  • Powerful document editing and creation/presentation
  • Support for up to 48 BIT images (Most dental devices support up to 16BIT at the moment)
  • Automatic software upgrade (controlled by customer)
  • Automatic Plugin upgrades. No need to stop the office operation for any updates or new feature additions.
  • IOS, Android apps available

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